01. It's so interesting to live in a different country where you can learn the [customs] of another culture.
02. The [custom] of putting up a Christmas tree has become popular in Japan.
03. It was always Uncle Ernesto's [custom] to serve beer before dinner, wine with dinner, and cognac after dinner.
04. It is [customary] to bring a bottle of wine when you are invited somewhere for supper.
05. In Japan, it is [customary] to give a present at the end of the year to those who have helped you.
06. In the second stage of culture shock, people often find the [customs] of the new country to be strange and unpleasant.
07. Two men were arrested by [customs] officers at the border today for trying to bring in illegal drugs.
08. The [custom] of shaking hands was imported to many African countries by the British.
09. For a time, it was the [custom] to use eggs as a form of money in France.
10. You have to make out a [customs] declaration when you cross the border.
11. Love matches are not a part of marriage [customs] in the Persian Gulf state of Bahrain.
12. In Taiwan, some Western [customs] have mixed with the Chinese culture.
13. In Samoa, it is [customary] to spill a few drops before drinking kava, the national beverage.
14. A small group of elderly tourists got off the bus, and lined up at the [customs] office.
15. An English proverb suggests that [custom] is the guide of the ignorant.
16. A Hebrew proverb notes that [customs] are stronger than laws.
17. The Chinese [custom] of binding feet to make them smaller ceased in the twentieth century.
18. In Japan, up until recently, marriages were [customarily] arranged by a special matchmaker.
19. The old man took his [customary] place at the head of the table.
20. He paid a lot of money to [customize] his car, with a special engine and a sporty paint job.
21. Our telephone plan lets you [customize] your service with only the features that you require.
22. It took us about an hour to get through [customs] at the airport when we got home from our holidays.
23. The [customs] officers searched our bags quite thoroughly when we got off the cruise ship.
24. We had to pay [customs] on the clothes we bought because we were well over our allowed limit.
25. [Customs] officers discovered a huge shipment of cocaine at the Rotterdam port today.
26. When you get to [customs], you'll have to fill out a declaration for anything you bring back from abroad.
27. A Slovak proverb states that [custom] and law are sisters.
28. A Zulu proverb advises that one should follow the [customs] or flee the country.
29. David Hume once remarked that [custom] is the great guide of human life.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.


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